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What is Bluegrass Rhythm?

What you'll learn in this learning path

BLUEGRASS GUITAR draws mainly from classic country style Boom-Chuck rhythm. Alternating bass notes with strums in between. However, there are many subtle rhythmic inflections, fills, and strum patterns that set this style apart.

Listening is the most important part in the learning process. You need to know how it’s supposed to sound. Listen to players who speak the language: Clarence White, Lester Flatt, Jimmy Martin, Del McCoury, Tony Rice, and Dan Tymynski to name a few. Hearing the guitar through the mix of a band is difficult, but if you close your eyes and concentrate, eventually you will start to pick out some of the sounds. Your ear can develop just like your dexterity: with practice. Do it often, and you will start to notice more and more. Repeated listening is especially powerful. Spend a lot of time studying one specific song and version.