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Third Time's a Challenge

A Tough Lick with Two Styles of Triplets

If you were waiting for something challenging, the wait is over. This lick uses two types of triplets, in two different ways. The first is a 1/16th note triplet(3 notes in the space of one 1/16th note). This is played by doing a very quick hammer-on and pull-off. This is a very widely used ornamentation in Celtic music. Go for speed and not volume here. As with anything else, slow it down when first learning.

The second type of triplet comes at the end of the lick. It is leading us in rhythmically and melodically into the next measure. This triplet is an 1/8th note triplet(3 notes in the space of one 1/8th note). This one is just as challenging. We're using our right hand to get the triplet. Because the notes come so fast, we'll use our middle finger as well. This may be very tough if you haven't done it before. Because of that there is an exercise that will help you isolate and practice this motion in the next lesson.

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This next lesson is an exercise to help you work on that 16th note triplet with the right hand.