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Where to Next?

Some Ideas of Tunes to Check Out

Since we've been working out of the key of D in the single string style, "Whiskey Before Breakfast" is another great tune in the Key of D. Since the melody of Chinquapin is probably pulsing through your veins, check out Chinquapin Hunting Melodic. It will give you a great challenge in the fretting hand, which is will transfer right over to your single string playing.

  • Whiskey Before Breakfast - Single String Style


    Single String Style

    A lower octave arrangement than the melodic version. This version of Whiskey Before Breakfast gives you a great single string work o...

  • Song

    Melodic Style

    The stretch in the A part may be a little hard at first, but is a great tool when playing melodic style in the key of D major.