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A Section

Starting off With a Bang

We start off with a lick that's sure to draw attention. The secret to this one is not much different than any other: repetition. Use the looper and tempo to set a speed you can handle. Put in several reps, then bump the tempo up a few notches. When playing faster, it's often a good mental exercise to think playing smaller. A smaller range of motion in your pick strokes will often help get you to the speed and control you desire

If the opening lick is too hard for right now, we'll go over a more straight forward lick in the next lesson. For now, we'll continue walking through the rest of the A section

Whenever possible, try and leave left hand fingers down. When ascending a scale on a single string, don't put one down at a time, and lift finger from previous note. When descending on one string from your 3rd or 4th finger, put all three or four fingers down at once, then lift one at a time. Watch the video for a demonstration of this. It will lead to greater muscle memory and efficiency, which will translate to speed and clarity!

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In the next lesson we'll look at that substitution lick for measure 1.