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G Major Chord Scale

Same Root Shapes, Different Root Place

So, as you can see. This is the same pattern from our C major chord scale. The only difference is our root notes! Check out the tab. These are all the chords in the key of G. Since we're starting at G, this chord scale is much more playable. You can move this around to any key. Find the root note on the low D string, for any key you want, and use it to form the first chord in this pattern. You might run out of banjo real estate, as we did in the key of C, but the pattern and concept is the important part here.

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Next up, we'll look at another C Major chord scale. We're gonna change things around. The root will no longer be on the Low D string. We'll have a new chord shape. The root will be on the B string. We'll also have to play at a different spot on the neck. It's not that scary, so let's check it out. Root shapes. Check. First inversions? Here we come!

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