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Where To Next

One Backstep Forward

Now that you've learned the Clinch Mountain Backstep here's a few suggestions on what to check out next. Since we just learned a Ralph Stanley tune, you might want to check out a tune by the Stanley Brothers. "Think of What You've Done" is a classic Bluegrass number they did. Check out the lead arrangement for Scruggs and/or Melodic, but be sure to learn some backup. When in a jam with friends, or playing along with a recording we're gonna play backup most of the time. So we need to work on that too.

Since we learned a lick that sounds like June Apple, it might be worth checking out that tune!

  • Think Of What You've Done - Backup



    Some great Scruggs style rolling backup and up the neck fills. Listen to the Larry Sparks recording of this tune to hear it in action.

  • June Apple - Melodic Style


    Melodic Style

    This is a classic fiddle tune and this arrangement of June Apple is based on Noam Pikelny's performance.