Home Sweet Home

A Crosspicking Melody

We made it! Home sweet home. This is a challenging, but beautiful cross-picking arrangement. It’s built for comfort not speed. When practicing and playing this, try to imagine that relaxed feeling of getting home at the end of the day. Take this song at that speed. Just a note at a time, making a nice, relaxing beautiful sound.

Make sure to watch and listen to the video for tips on the most efficient fingering for these new chord shapes. Use the looper to nail down these tough measures, and slide that tempo slider all the way back wherever you need it. Turn it off and go note by note.

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Once you start playing with a little more tempo, try and think if you are creating any unnecessary muscle tension. This will cause your playing to sound stiff. You want to be relaxed and in control. Also, if you can’t control your dynamics and play with even volume, then back off the speed a little bit to establish some more of that control. Don’t let the song play you.

Lastly, listen to Earl Scruggs play this song, not as a goal for speed, but just to soak in the way certain notes are accented in the melodic arc of this tune.

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Click the card below to learn the advanced crosspicking arrangement of Home Sweet Home.