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Old Joe Clark

Learning the Melody

In this lesson we'll learn the jam standard, "Old Joe Clark". The melody here is simplified and reflects the lyrics of this tune. Yes, many fiddle tunes originally had lyrics, although most are played as instrumentals now a days.

As always, tips for effective practice and performance are in the video. Since this arrangement is all 1/8th notes it is a good one to challenge your speed as soon as you feel comfortable. If you add licks that have 16th notes remember they come twice as fast, and you may need to slow down to a speed that is comfortable to practice.

Also, practice the chords! Play backup to the song. Turn on the looper, then play lead once, backup, and repeat that pattern. This is what it's like to play at a jam, only with Tunefox tools, you get to make the band play at whatever speed you like using the tempo slider!

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