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The Third Break

The Bendy City

This third break has a lot of variation, but much of it we have seen before - just not in this order. There's an extra measure and a half at the start. The break technically starts at measure 3. This break follows the bass solo. Earl is just coming in a little early to fill space. He's actually coming in on the last couple of notes as the bass player(Cedric Rainwater) is playing over the D chord.

We've seen the slide up to the 17th fret on measure 4. This time it goes back to the 12th fret early on that same measure. The "new new" here is in measure 5. We're adding in some super stylish bends on the 10th fret. Add some tonal variety by picking really close to the neck. Earl did this often. He created so much variety in his note choice, tonal choice, rhythm and phrasing. This breadth of variety is one reason why his solos are always so interesting.

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Next up, let's look at Earls last break.