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The Last Break

A New Lick and Cool Ending

This break starts off with nothing new. Then, in measure 3, we get a cool new lick! It's the same timing as our other syncopated lick, but on different strings, and with a different sound and feel. This one is very bluesy. Loop this lick to really nail it down. Looping measures 3 and 4 together is also a great exercise. After that, it's back to business as usual.

At the end, we have a very standard Scruggs lick. On the last pinch we play with the tuner a bit, dropping the G string slightly flat, then tuning it back to pitch as both strings are ringing. If you don't have "Cheat-a-keys" or "Kieth Tuners" this trick can be tough, but it can be done. It will also sound great without the tuning trick, but why deprive yourself of such fun!

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Next up, some guidance on were to go after this.