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Strumming Arm Position for the Banjo

Proper Position for Your Strumming Arm

The weight of your forearm should fall on the arm rest, or upper quadrant near the tailpiece, of the banjo body. Don’t pin the weight into your side. Set your forearm on top of the banjo. Let the weight of your arm fall onto the point of contact(where your forearm touches the banjo body). Then, let your wrist go limp. For the most part you need to relax and avoid an overly tense wrist. You can also put your thumb on the 5th string, then let your arm relax back onto the banjo or armrest. This should get you in good playing position. Minute adjustments can make a big difference. You'll develop a playing position that feels right for you over time.

Next up, we'll learn to put the "Claw" into Clawhammer.