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Amazing Grace

Picking patterns activate!

Until now, all of the picking patterns that have been introduced have crossed FROM one string to another. Now, we will use the same rhythm from the 3/4 crosspicking pattern learned in the last lesson, but the first two notes are on different strings. This new organization of notes has us now crossing OVER the G string. This may be a bit of a challenge so make sure to loop measure one and practice it like a new picking pattern, although it should feel immediately familiar if you practiced the patterns from the last lesson well.

Make sure to observe the pick direction indications. You may find there are easier ways to play this than suggested, and it’s ok to use those. However, utilizing the suggested pick direction will train your hand to play alternate picking in a way that helps you feel beats consistently, increase speed, and efficiency. Sometimes when you create your own pattern you end up with several ups or downs in weird spots.

For the “double stop” notes, where two notes are played at the same time, try to pick through both strings and have your pick stop on the very next unused string. For example. If you have a double stop on the D and G string, place your pick on the D string then pick through both the D and G string and have it come to rest on the top of the B string. This is called a rest stroke because the pick comes to a rest. It helps you generate great tone, volume, and pick feel.

Loop measures one by one if needed, and stitch together in pieces until you can play the whole song. Then loop the whole song for more in depth practice. Checkout the licks for other ways to interpret this arrangement as well.

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Now let's take an in depth look at a coulpe of the more challenging licks