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Creating Variations in the A Section

Mixing it Up

For the first variation let's check out the Pentatonic lick for measure 5. Nothing too wild going on here, just a bunch of sixteenth notes and a pull off. Take it slow. If you want to forgo the pull off, just pick that open E note with an upstroke.

For the second variation let's use two licks for nice combination variation. Let's do the Bluegrass lick for measure 3 and the Bluesy lick for measure 5. The Bluegrass lick has several pull offs. Focus on powerful pulls that match the volume at which you are picking.

The Bluesy lick in measure 5 starts with a nice descending phrase. Start with both your middle and index fingers down on the 2nd and 3rd frets. This will help with effeciency when coming back to the 2nd fret so all you are doing is letting up the finger on your third fret. Watch the video for a demo. Also, maintain pressure onto the fretboard for your slide.

A Section - Variations

The B section is next.