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Creating Variations in the B Section

Changing it Up

We've got some great licks to play wth here. Let's get wild and try out two different lick combinations. Measure 2 -- Bluesy and Measure 3 -- Bluegrass #2. The Bluesy lick in measure two has a couple of slides, both happen on a downbeat, so nothing too confusing there. in measure 3, Bluegrass #2 we have two position shifts. The first shift happens during the open E string of the previous measure. We go back to first position so we can get that note on the second fret. The next shift happens in the slide. Watch the video for a demonstration.

Ok boys and girls, it's time to get greasy. Select the Bluegrass lick for measure 2 and 3. Measure two uses a very Bill Monroe influenced chord riff along with some fiddle tune flatpicking. If the rhythm is tricky for you be sure to listen to the measure repeatedly using the looper. Measure 3 Bluegrass has a strong Sam Bush influence. It's similar to something you may hear him play in "Brilliancy" or "Stingray". Lots of pull offs and open strings creates a very unique sound. We are also picking a note after a pull off. Doing that multiple times in a row creates a cool rhythmic syncopation. It's sometimes called 3 over 4, and is also known as a Clave(Latin American rhythm). The Triplet pull off may be intimidating, but don't worry about getting it super powerful. Just be nimble and quick.

B Section- Variations

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