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Where to Now

Taking it a Step Further

Now that you've got a handle on Salt Creek, and nailed those Bill Monroe and Sam Bush licks, it might be time to delve a little deeper into the musical stylings of these legendary figures of Bluegrass. The Father and the Wayward son. The Founder of the tradition, and a pioneer of the progressive.

For a glimpse into the picking of the great and powerful Sammy Bush, check out the advanced version of 8 More Miles to Louisville. It's very similar to how he plays it, and a lot of the licks are straight out of the Sam Bush playbook a good next tune might be

To get more acquainted with the playing of the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, check out Roanoke. It's got his signature intro, arrangement and many authentic variations. The tempo is listed at 150 because that's where he played it, but slide it on back to at least half that if not further(5o is usually a good place to start with any tune).

  • Eight More Miles to Louisville - Intermediate



    16th notes with a little breathing room. Great licks and great fun. Eight miles to Louisville, but you take them as slow or fast as ...

  • Roanoke - Advanced



    Bill and the Boys put the scald on this one. You play it as you like, and practice even slower. The Intro and A part is a Monroe tra...