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Turkey in the Straw

Familiar Chord Shapes Up the Neck

Having Deja Vu when you glanced at the tab? I hope so. We are using the Major Chord shape that gave us a D chord when played at the Second fret, but now the position has moved to the 7th fret we have a G chord. You may have noticed some of the rhytmic embellishments have shifted slightly. Instead of playing the common bluegrass embellishments many are at the very tail end of the measure. They are placed here to best fill the space where someone may sing or play the melody. Adding embellishments in the spaces where a singer or player "takes a breath" helps add interest and move the music along. This is one example of how to play rhythm to this song. Be ready to adapt and change based on the playing style of people you are jamming or performing with.

Turkey in the Straw - Barre Chord Chop

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Next up we take a look at a song in the key of B and add in a minor chord. Let's check out "Big Spike Hammer".

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