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Where to Now?

And the Beat Goes On

Try to slowly increase your speed with the tempo slider, and start using these new chop shapes. Use Tunefox's song library to practice along with the band while the lead instrument plays. Use the tempo slider to adjust to your liking and tap or click the chord bubble to see chord diagrams. Check out "Angeline the Baker", or, for a real challenge, "8 More Miles to Louisville". Links will be available below the text here.

Now that you have learned the basics of the Barre chord chop, try to play along with some recordings that are in the same key. If the songs are going to fast, try chopping on beats 2 & 4 until you get comfortable enough to try chopping on the "&'s". Here are some example recordings to check out "Nine Pound Hammer" by the The Tony Rice Unit, from the Album, "Manzanita". "Turkey in the Straw" by Craig Duncan, and "Big Spike Hammer" by The Osborne Brothers

  • Angeline the Baker  - Advanced



    This arrangement of Angeline the Baker holds true to the original melody while also giving you a bunch of soloist-type variation. It...

  • Eight More Miles to Louisville - Sam Bush Style


    Sam Bush Style

    Grandpa wrote it but this song has become synonymous with Sam Bush. This is a transcription from his playing with a few extra licks ...