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Double Stops on the Treble Strings

Banks of the Ohio

In this lesson and the next the arrangement goes a bit higher up the neck, so if you had trouble with higher double stops, you should go back and work on those for a few days. After you feel comfortable, revisit this lesson.

It won't take long to notice the similarities between this arrangement and the last. We're using all the same shapes, notes and phrasing. The only difference is that it's all an octave above and on the treble strings. Some of the fingering differs slightly since we are using all closed shapes(no open strings). Pay attention to the video for the suggested fingering. The licks here have some options if some any the stretches seem too daunting. A big key here is finger preparation Notice how the second note of the pickup measure is reached for by extending both the ring and pinky. This does two things. It supports the pinky to help add pressure to fret the needed note, and prepares the ring for the following double stop. This is done throughout the song. Try and find ways to have fingers where you need them early.

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Banks of the Ohio (Treble Strings)

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