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Double stops are a quintessential part of the mandolin sound. They are definitely a huge part of mandolin playing in Bluegrass. In this lesson, you'll learn how double stop patterns connect on the fret board. After learning these patterns with your left hand, it will be good to practice them again using tremolo. Lastly, we'll apply all that double stop knowledge, and put it to use in a song. Banks of the Ohio will provide a great backdrop for all that you've learned. Check out the video below to see what we'll be working towards.

Banks of the Ohio

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This is an intermediate lesson. There are a few challenges for the fretting hand, and you also need experience with the tremolo. Check out this lesson for help with that.

Tremolo Lesson

If you are confident in your tremolo and ready to tackle some double stops, then let's start learning some moveable double stop shapes.