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A Little Further up the Neck

The B Part

The B part moves up to the twelfth fret. It's actually a lot easier to play than the A part, but we will revisit the hand position we used in the A part in the end of the last measure.

Left Hand Challenges - Not too many here. Your fingers will be sort of cramped up at first so make sure your ring and middle finger are just behind the twelfth fret, this will give more room for your index on the 11th. You'll also need to make sure all your finger joints are well rounded, and that when you hammer on with your middle finger, you land right on the finger tip to get the strongest note

Make your position shift in measure 5 when you play the open 5th string. Also, don't worry about holding down the last note till the last second, you can release your left hand early to give yourself more time to make the position shift back up.

Right Hand Challenges - Nothing too crazy, just pay attention to those finger indications below the tab

Practice Tips - Put in those reps! Set the tempo to a manageable speed, activate the looper and start your workout session. Make it a daily habit, and in time you will see some serious gains.

B Part

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B Part

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