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Where to Go Now?

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Now that you've learned Sally Goodwin up the neck, learning a down the neck break will be a great addition to you repertoire. If you haven't played up the neck backup, chek out the up the neck backup lesson as well. There's a lot of elements to Scruggs style banjo, and a variety of ways to play Scruggs style banjo up the neck, for lead and backup. Keep adding to your repertoire and your technique knowledge to make your self into a more solid banjo player.

  •  Up the Neck Backup

    Learning Path

    Up the Neck Backup

    This lesson path will teach you how to incorporate common Scruggs style backup licks up the neck, teardrop style backup, and a stud...

  • Sally Goodwin - Scruggs Style


    Scruggs Style

    This tune is usually associated with up the neck banjo playing, but sounds oh so good down the neck as well.