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Sally Goodin-Backup

Rolling Right Along

Technically, there's not a lot going on here. We have some recognizable roll patterns, and a few standard Scruggs riffs. What makes the backup good is solid timing. Playing this with the backing band or metronome. After you have the roll patterns and licks down. Start playing with the backing track or metronome. Do it at a manageable speed. Too many mistakes, or a lot of tension are good signs you are "punching above your weight". Accept your limitations as they are now. Work within them. In time, you will improve. You will get faster. But until then, dig in, and make the best sound you are capable of making.

Watch the demonstration video. Listen to where the accents are being placed. Accenting certain beats can really help bring the music to life, and keep things moving. You don't want to over do it, and you don't want to try and play a lead roll when playing backup, but when done right you can help be a part of creating a strong rhythmic feel. This is a great thing for the person playing lead, and for anyone listening. This is what makes toes tap, and heads bob.

This song is demonstrated with no capo for teaching purposes. It is usually played in the key of A(capo 2)

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