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Fret Hand Muting

Whatever You Do, Do It in Time

When you stop a note is as important as when you start a note. Think about that for a second. Timing is everything. Sam Bush is a master of it. In this exercise our goal is to stop the strings from ringing on beats 2 and 4. Since two of our fingers are on the G chord, let's leave them there. MUTE THE STRINGS WITH YOUR RING AND PINKY FINGERS. Also, release the pressure with your first and second fingers, but leave them in contact with the strings. Do this all together. Stop the sound right on the beat. Be as accurate in stopping the notes as you are in starting the notes. Loop this. Play it a 100 times. Work on it at different tempos. If you get this down, playing the next song won't be much of a challenge. Watch the video for an example of how this is done.

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Next up, we'll use this same rhythmic figure to play through the song, "Will The Circle Be Unbroken".