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Where to Next?

When the Sugarfoot Rag has Become a Drag

If you were left scratching your head at the rhythm overview, or you still aren't sure what exactly a chop chord is, it's time to take a look at a few different styles of rhythm playing on the mandolin. Check out any of the links below to get your start into this crucial aspect of mandolin musicianship.

  •  Mandolin Chords for Beginners

    Learning Path

    Mandolin Chords for Beginners

    Now that you have a good handle on your strumming technique, let's include the fretting hand and learn some chords. After mastering ...

  •  Chopping 101

    Learning Path

    Chopping 101

    Learn to play on the back beat, add authentic Bluegrass rhythmic embellishments, and articulate your chop by controlling left hand r...

  •  Mandolin Rhythm - Barre Chord Chop

    Learning Path

    Mandolin Rhythm - Barre Chord Chop

    Learn to use the Barre Chord for mandolin, along with 3 songs. Chopping 101 is a prerequisite course. The rhythms in this lesson pat...