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The Foggy Mountain Breakdown Roll

Step 2: Adding a Hammer-On

The Foggy Mountain Breakdown roll with the hammer-on is one of the most essential bluegrass banjo licks you'll play.

The timing of this lick is really interesting and important so don't skip out on watching the lesson video below. The only thing that is changing from lesson 7.1 are the first two notes you play with your right hand, or the index and thumb notes on the 2nd string. The rest of the roll is played with no frets pushed down. For the first note, place your left index finger on the 2nd fret and hammer onto the 3rd fret with your middle finger. You'll repeat this immediately afterwards with the second hammer-on and then you'll continue with the forward roll pattern. It's not super difficult but as mentioned before the timing of the second hammer-on is a little faster than the first so check out the lesson video to make sure you have it correct.

Adding a Hammer-On Video Tutorial

Here you'll practice playing the roll pattern with hammer-ons and switching to a C chord. Take it very slow so the techniques are correct and your timing sounds good.