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The B Section

Flying Fingers

The first two measures of the B section have a blast of 32nd notes. These come twice as fast as most of the notes in the song(besides the tremolo). This may or may not be a challenge for you. If it is, utilize the focus feature. The focus feature allows you to just work on one measure, or section, at a time. To activate the focus feature, click or tap on a measure. Beneath the large pop-up window, select Focus. After the measure is highlighted, use the tempo slider to slow it down. Slow the tempo down. Find a speed where you can play cleanly and with minimal tension. Then start putting in your reps. This is how you build muscle memory. After you can play the measure or section you are practicing cleanly several times through, bump up the tempo and repeat the process. Slow and steady wins the race. Don't be in a rush to push to the next tempo level too fast. Make sure you are comfortable at one tempo before moving to another.

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Next up, we'll check out a few licks.

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