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Chord Switching - D7 to C

Visualization and Common Chord Fingerings

We've been practicing switching from chords that require fretted notes to playing the open G chord(which uses all open strings). Now, we'll try and work on switching between D7 and C. Start by playing D7. Then, while your fingers are holding the D& in place, visualize switching to C. It will require your middle finger to move to the 4th String. The ring finger will go on the 1st string. Notice that when moving from D7 to C the middle finger stays on the second fret, but moves to a. different string. Just as you have prepared entire chords in the air, you should also prepare your ring finger in the air when you are about to switch from D7 to C.

Once again, plant the thumb as you complete each strum. As soon as you get comfortable with finger placements, incorporate steady beat. Count out loud, strum on beat 1, and lift/prepare your strum hand on beat 4.

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