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Where to now?

Learn three chords in the next lesson series!

We've talked in depth about right hand technique and how to practice your roll patterns. Now it's time to bring in the left hand and play some chords! The great thing about banjo is that you can play a song without knowing much theory or technique at all. In the next learning path you'll learn how to play G, C, and D chords and how to combine them with roll patterns to create your first song!

  •  G, C, and D7 Chords for Beginners

    Learning Path

    G, C, and D7 Chords for Beginners

    We've spoken in depth about the right-hand technique and the practice of your roll patterns. Now, it's time to involve the left hand...

  •  The Pinch and Slurs on the Banjo

    Learning Path

    The Pinch and Slurs on the Banjo

    Now that you've learned your roll patterns, lets dive into some different sounds. Other than the pinch, the slurs are all left hand ...

  •  How to Play Cripple Creek

    Learning Path

    How to Play Cripple Creek

    This learning path is your guide to mastering the iconic banjo tune "Cripple Creek." Designed for banjo enthusiasts eager to enhance...

  • Cripple Creek - Scruggs Style


    Scruggs Style

    This version of the Cripple Creek is designed to teach you how to play slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Take each one slow at firs...