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Looking Ahead

Chinquapin Hunting is a wonderful fiddle tune. Whenever learning a new tune you need to listen as much as you play. While daily practice is crucial, so is daily listening. If you use Spotify or apple music, be sure to add this song to a playlist that you will listen to daily. Try to listen actively, not just when driving your car(although you should do that too). Active listening means you think about what you are hearing. Notice the timing, texture and arc of the melody. Listen to the backup instruments as well as the soloists.

Also watching the example video can help prepare your mind for learning the tune. Noticing the left hand position and fingerings before you start can really help you get a jump on the material. Mental practice is imporatant and can really help you develop great musicianship as much as physical practice.

Chinquapin Hunting

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In the next lesson, we'll take a look at the A section.