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A Section

Getting Started

Even though the melody is simple, it's still very beautiful. Look over the A section and you'll notice some of the measures are nearly identical. Measures 2 and 4 are exactly alike. Measures 3 and 5 are almost the same. The only difference is measure 3 has the 4 pickup notes that lead to measure 4. Those are the same as the pickup notes in measure one. Since Measure 5 is the end of the phrase and A section, we just end it with an open D note.

Since we have repeating measures, we have an opportunity to practice very efficiently. Use The Looper. Using the looper will help you focus your practice time. If you can nail measure 3 you have measure 5 down. Same goes for measyre 2 & 4. This can cut your practice time in half. Always look over your music before practicing. Make the most of your time. Be efficient. This will lead to quicker progress and mastery of the material.

Strive to get a balanced tone and volume with your right hand. When actively listening to this song on your playlist, try and notice where the accents are placed on the melody. Accents really help bring life to the music.

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In the next lesson, we'll look at the B section.