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Cumberland Gap - B Section

Scruggs's go-to up the neck position

Cumberland Gap is another essential tune for you to learn when studying bluegrass banjo. In this mini lesson, we're going to look at the most difficult passage of Cumberland Gap - the B Section, which is played entirely up the neck.

The position you should use for this looks like a triangle. It's index finger on the 8th fret, 2nd string, middle on the 9th fret, 3rd string, and ring finger on the 9th fret, 1st string. You'll be using your pinky to reach out and grab the notes on the 10th and 11th frets on the 2nd string. This is what most beginners have trouble with so please don't get discouraged if you can't get it the first time you play it. It's essential you play this slowly to get the fingerings and timing correct.

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Also, the transition up the neck from the A section is something to look at as well but you can do that when you start working with the tab in the Tunefox library (click on the tab image at the bottom of the page to visit that.)

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Click the card to learn Cumberland Gap in Tunefox's Tab Library.

  • Cumberland Gap - Scruggs Style


    Scruggs Style

    A classic Earl Scruggs arrangement of Cumberland Gap that is a must-learn for any beginner/intermediate banjo player!