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Cumberland Gap - A Section

Learning about repetition

Cumberland Gap is such a great beginner tune for many reasons but in this lesson, we're going to focus on one important aspect of bluegrass music - repetition. If you can see and hear the groupings of notes in this tune as phrases, it'll be easier to piece it together and commit to memory. It also makes practice a bit more methodical.

Take a look at the first six notes. This can be your first phrase. Loop this phrase with the Tunefox playback engine or with a metronome. Then move onto the next grouping of notes. That will complete the measure. Continue in this way until the end of the first line of tab. The second line is exactly the same as the first.

Click the card below to learn Cumberland Gap in Tunefox's Tab Library.

  • Cumberland Gap - Scruggs Style


    Scruggs Style

    A classic Earl Scruggs arrangement of Cumberland Gap that is a must-learn for any beginner/intermediate banjo player!