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Cripple Creek

Melodic style

You did so well on Banjo in the Hollow that we should check out another arrangement! This version of Cripple Creek gives you lots of vocabulary to work with using the G scale. This song is a little more involved than Banjo in the Hollow so be sure to take it slow and isolate each measure to learn it.

If you already know Cripple Creek in Scruggs style a cool way to approach this would to be playing a measure of melodic style and switching to your Scruggs version. For example, over the 2nd measure play it as written in the tab below then for the 3rd measure play the slide, hammer-on, pull-off phrase as learned in the Scruggs version. This is a great way to expand your vocabulary and practice switching styles. It'll also help you become a better improviser with time.

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The tab below will get you started but to take advantage of all of the Tunefox practice tools, learn Cripple Creek in the Tunefox learning library. Click the card below to navigate there.

  • Cripple Creek - Melodic Style


    Melodic Style

    A classic arrangement of "Cripple Creek" with a little single string style added in. The B section features some fancy up-the-neck m...