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2 Basic Picking Patterns

A Simple Start

Here are two simple picking patterns to gently introduce you to Crosspicking patterns. If the Default tempo is too fast. Slow. It. Down. Feel no shame and practice at a comfortable tempo. Use the looper to practice the "A" or "B" sections individually. The A section mimics the “Bum-Ditty” rhythm guitar pattern. The First note is an 8th note and the next two are sixteenths. Use this small window of time wisely. Move the pick into place while the first note is ringing. Small details like this are what help you build efficiency and speed, but must be practiced at a tempo that you can handle. The B section starts with 16th notes, but the 3rd note is an 8th note, use that time to get your pick into place for the fourth note(open D string). Keep a relaxed pick grip. Holding too tightly will cause tension, and this can make your tone sound bad. An overly tight grip can cause cramps, make your pick get stuck, and make accurate crosspicking difficult. The pick should be able to wobble slightly in your hand, and the tightness of your grip should very slightly according to how loud or soft you would like to play.

Spend a lot of time playing these at a speed that is easy for you. In the next lesson, we'll apply these picking patterns to a song: "Boil them Cabbage Down".