What's Next

Summing it Up, and Adding More

Done already? Not exactly. Good backup takes a while to master. Even after you can play the notes in time, developing you own rhythmic feel, and timing is the next step. Go deeper into the music. Try and lock into that metronome, or hit those strong downbeats with your jamming buddy, or when you are playing along with a record. Keep listening. Listen to albums,. Practice listening to a soloist while playing backup, sometimes you can catch on to a rhythmic phrase they are playing and accentuate that in your backup.

Backup is overlooked by the listener. Actually, good backup is overlooked by the listener. Bad backup sticks out like a sore thumb. Practice with that metronome and the backing track.

Now that you've got the backup under your belt, you might wanna take a look at the lead for Sally Goodin. After that keep working on your backup! Check out the Up the Neck Lesson that teaches classic teardrop backup. You'll also learn some great licks to throw in whenever playing with a vamping style.