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Speeding Up

One Octave G Scale on the Bass Strings - 1/16th Notes

Start Slow! Now that we've moved from 1/8th notes to a 1/16th note rhythm, the notes come twice as fast. It's likely you might have to move the metronome to a much slower speed than with the previous scale. Strive to play without excess tension. If you find yourself hunching shoulders, squeezing the pick extra tight, or gritting your teeth, you are playing too fast. If you slow it down to a lower speed, you will better be able to manage that tension.

Try to make your upstrokes even in volume with your down strokes. This won't always be your goal, as sometimes you will want to accent the backbeat, or certain melody notes. You want to develop enough control to play with an even volume-no matter which direction your pick is moving.

Leave fret hand fingers down when possible just as before. Watch the video for an example of this.

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