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Mountain Dew

Accenting Melody Notes

This song comes naturally after Worried Man Blues because it starts with a very similar melody. We're specifically going to look at the kick off to this song, which starts out with an open 4th string. If you listen to the Flatt & Scruggs recording of this song, you'll hear Lester Flatt singing the exact melody from this measure. Earl Scruggs was particularly talented when it came to applying melodies to the banjo and it's an important piece for all aspiring bluegrass banjo players.

One of the reasons Earl is considered to be the best bluegrass banjo player is because of his taste. It's like he knew what roll pattern to place exactly where it feels like it should go. Also, he accented the melody notes.

That is your task for this lesson. Accent the melody notes for this lick. We've tabbed out the basic melody in the measure before the actual kick off lick to this song so you can see and hear exactly what it is. When you go to play the full lick, try to accent those melody notes.

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