Worried Man Blues

A popular jam tune with I, IV, and V chords.

Worried Man Blues is a great tune to learn after Cripple Creek because of it's inherent repetition. It combines forward rolls, forward/backwards rolls, and crisp slides and pull-offs to challenge you and take your Scruggs style playing to the next level.

The lick featured below is one that you'll hear popping up in a lot of Earl Scruggs's banjo vocabulary. In your right hand, you'll play a forward/backwards roll then a straight forward roll starting on the 5th string. A good thing to practice is taking away the slurs (slides, pull-offs, and hammer-ons) to just practice your roll patterns. Once you feel comfortable with that, then you can add in the slurs.

We've taken away the slurs in the first measure so you can practice. Click on the measure to highlight and loop it.

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