10.2 C Major Scale from Lowest Note video

Tunefox Mandolin Lesson #10

Did you know you can play a C major scale from a note other than C? Keep reading to learn how.

This scale starts on the lowest G note in the C scale on the mandolin and the reason you can start here is that all of the other notes in the scale are in the key of C. Technically you can start on any note in the C scale and continue calling it 'the C scale' if you play notes in the key of C. This scale extends all the way up to the G note on the 3rd fret, 1st string. The reason to learn this scale is so you have a more comprehensive grasp of what the key of C looks like in the first position on the mandolin. This will help a lot when working on tunes in this key.

C Major Scale from Lowest Note Mandolin video lesson

Play along with the tab and use alternate picking for this scale.

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