9.1 The Hammer-On video

Tunefox Mandolin Lesson #9

The Hammer-on is the first of three left hand articulations you'll see in Tunefox songs and licks. These articulations are called 'slurs.'

A hammer-on is when you pluck a string with your picking hand and then you fret a different note with your left hand. You're bringing your finger down with enough force to make another note sound. For example, play the 4th string open. Now drop your middle finger of your fretting hand down on the 2nd fret 4th string. You're only plucking once but you're creating the sound for two different notes. Watch the lesson below for a demonstration.

The Hammer-On Mandolin video lesson

The tab below shows a fretted note hammer-on and then an open string to fretted hammer-on. In the second measure, you'll see and hear the hammer-on played on all four strings.

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