6.1 Boil Them Cabbage Down video

Tunefox Banjo Lesson #6

This is an old folk song that is a popular first tune for banjo and fiddle players because of it's simple and easy-to-hear melody.

For this song, you'll primarily be playing a forward roll pattern leading with the 2nd string. You'll continue with this roll pattern until the 4th measure, where you'll play a couple alternating thumb rolls followed by two pinches. Boil Them Cabbage Down is a great opportunity for you to put what you've been practicing into a song. Have fun!

Boil Them Cabbage Down Banjo video lesson

Play along with this tab to practice clarity of notes and work on switching chords. Remember, you can slow down or speed up the tab so if it is too fast for you at 50 bpm, don't be afraid to go even slower to get those chord transitions down.

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