8.2 The A Section - Part 2 video

Tunefox Banjo Lesson #8

The second measure of the A section to Cripple Creek takes the slurs you learned in Lesson #5 and puts them together.

A good way to remember this is to refer to the slurs that your playing in the order that you play them - slide, pull-off, hammer-on. The slide and hammer-on slurs are exactly the same as what you've already learned and the pull-off is a slight variation of the one in lesson 5.3. The difference between these two pull-off rolls is that after you do the pull-off in this one, you're moving your fretting hand middle finger to the 4th string, 2nd fret. It's a small movement but take it slow at first to get the timing right.

The A Section - Part 2 Banjo video lesson

Once you've practiced this measure a bit and you're feeling confident, put the measure you learned in 8.1 ahead of this measure to complete the A section. Practice that for a bit before moving onto the B section of Cripple Creek.

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