Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Introduction to online Guitar lessons

These beginner guitar lessons are designed to get you started with the basics. On this page, you'll find ten subjects each containing mini lessons, so you have a step by step process on how to learn the guitar. Every lesson includes a video and guitar tab that you can play along with so your timing can improve from the very start. Go ahead, jump in and have fun!

Guitar Lesson #1

Tuning your Guitar and How to Read Tab

Guitar Lesson #2

Right Hand Position and How to Hold a Flatpick

Guitar Lesson #3

Strumming 101: Downstrokes, Upstrokes, and the Bum-Ditty Pattern

Guitar Lesson #4

Your First Chord - E Minor

Guitar Lesson #5

The A Minor Chord and How to Switch Chords

Guitar Lesson #6

Two More Chords and Combining All Four Chords

Guitar Lesson #7

Flatpicking 101: Right Hand Technique

Guitar Lesson #8

The G Major Pentatonic Scale

Guitar Lesson #9


Guitar Lesson #10

The G Major Scale

Online Guitar lessons

Online Guitar lessonsBegin your bluegrass guitar journey right here with Tunefox. These online guitar lessons will give you a comprehensive understanding of guitar roll patterns, chords, and slurs so you can start learning bluegrass guitar solos in the Tunefox song library as soon as possible. Start from the very beginning of holding your pick and learning to read tab and journey through learning how to match strumming patterns with chords to playing G pentatonic major scales with alternate picking. Watch the video lesson included in each section and then play along with the interactive guitar tab to get the material under your fingers and in your ears. If things are too fast for you at the beginning, slow down the playback using the tempo slider and build your speed gradually.

By using a combination of the online guitar video lessons, guitar tab, and even the Official Tunefox User’s Group on Facebook for feedback and encouragement, you’ll be in good shape to start jamming with your friends and playing more complicated bluegrass music on the guitar. Tunefox is here for you from the start so let us know if you have any questions along the way. Email us at support@tunefox.com.