6.6 Combining Em, Am, D, and G chords - Basic Strumming video

Tunefox Guitar Lesson #6

You know four guitar chords now, which is more than enough to start playing songs! But first, you need to practice switching between all of these chords.

You can write your own practice chord pattern or just use the tab below, but the most important thing is that you work on transitions to and from all of the chords. For example, use your Am chord as your starting point. Now practice moving from that to the other three chords. They will each have their little challenges but with practice you won't even have to think about what fingers to move - your hand will just do it for you!

Combining Em, Am, D, and G chords - Basic Strumming Guitar video lesson

This practice tab is to remind you of the alternating bass patterns for each chord. Check out the chord progression and isolate each chord change. Then take a stab at playing along with the tab.

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