6.1 Changing Chords - G to C video

Tunefox Mandolin Lesson #6

Changing chords is an essential skill to master when playing a stringed instrument. Fortunately for us mandolin players, we have it pretty easy at first!

As previously mentioned in Lesson #5, the G and C major chords use the same shape with the same fingers so all you need to do is change the strings that your fingers are on. When you are changing chords, be sure to keep your fingers as close to the fretboard as possible.

Changing Chords - G to C Mandolin video lesson

In the tab below, play a full measure of G chord and then switch to the C. The tab will loop so you can practice switching back to G from C as well. Go slowly and isolate the transition between chords if you feel like the tab is moving too fast.

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