9.2 The Pull-Off video

Tunefox Mandolin Lesson #9

The pull-off is another left hand articulation, or slur.

The pull-off is essentially the opposite of the hammer-on in that you're starting higher in pitch and 'pulling off' that note to bring you to a lower pitch. You'll pluck a note and then pull that note away from your body to create another note. Watch the lesson below for a demonstration.

The Pull-Off Mandolin video lesson

The tab below shows two different types of pull-offs. First, you'll start on the 3rd fret, 4th string and pull-off of that fret to the 2nd fret. This is a fretted note pull-off. The second variation is pulling off from the 2nd fret 4th string to an open fourth 4th. This is a closed to open string pull-off.

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